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Sprutcam para programação avançada

SprutCAM is CAD/CAM software with a streamlined workflow and comprehensive functionality. Compatible with any CNC machine: 3/4 and 5 axis milling machine, Lathe, Turning center, Swiss Lathe, Multitasking, EDM. The tool path calculation is performed taking into account the complete machine kinematics and limitations, including collision avoidance and control of axis limits.


Wire EDM Programming, Strategies for 2-4 Axis Wire EDM

2D Electrowire

The “2D Electrowire” operation is used for creating a wire path along a 2D contour (2-axis machining) as well as for moving along a 2D contour with an inclined wire (conical or 3-axis machining).

4D Electrowire

The «4D Electrowire» operation is used to generate a wire path along two 2D contours simultaneously. One of these contours defines the movement of the lower slider, and the second contour specifies the movement of the upper slider.

EDM programming resources

SprutCAM allows you to generate different types of cuts: irregular cuts, finishing cuts, bridge cutting passes, cleaning cuts after bridge cutting, etc.

It is possible to define the start and end points of the EDM by wire, through wire and cut points, cone angle values ​​and other relevant parameters for each contour individually.


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