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SprutCAM Solutions

2.5x and 3x milling

Production of molds and electrodes and any other parts on a 3-axis milling machine.


Production of augers, cams, blades, sprockets, balusters.


Production of augers, cams, blades, sprockets, balusters.

Turning Center

Turning and milling combined in one configuration.


Index (3+2) and simultaneous 5-axis milling. For turbine wheels, blades, portals.

HSM and Adaptive

High-speed, adaptive tool paths for fast material removal with extended tool life.

Swiss Lathe and Multitasking

Swiss Lathes and Multitasking (multi-channel machining) with synchronization.

5-6D cut

CNC programming of cutting, trimming, 6D knife cutting. Machining, laser, water, plasma, knife.

Additive and Hybrid

Coating, 5-axis hybrid technology, turning centers and robots.


2 – 4 axis strategies for electrowire machining.

2D cut

Laser, waterjet, plasma, oxyfuel and knife cutting programming.


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