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Sprutcam Software CAM

SprutCAM is a CAM software that was developed for programming and simulation of CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and machining centers, turning centers, robots, wire erosion and special machines. The software allows creation of NC code and construction of virtual machines.

The ease of programming and simulation allows the user to quickly program his parts by visualizing the process of removal and/or addition of material in each operation and calculating the trajectory of the tool based on the kinematics of the machine, taking into consideration the properties of each eixo.

Safe and effective simulation, making it available to the user to verify collisions, excess material and invasion on the ground, finally two successes.

5 Indexed Eixos

If you have a machine with 5 gears and a specific intention to reduce fixations and tombos of sin, this module is more adequate.

Its precise positioning and easy to be programmed and flexibility in the creation of new positioning, guarantee uncomplicated programming. The possibility of applying any strategy of 2.5 eixos and 3 eixos, further increasing the range of applications. Everything is allied to a powerful simulator, raising its production to a new milestone.

5 Simultaneous Eixos

If you have a 5-way machine, produce pieces with a high level of complexity, if your pieces have negative details, you are difficult to achieve with the tool or 2.5-way or 3-way strategies, if you want to try to reduce or compress your tool, Executing strategies that bypass or support the tool, tracing stability, we recommend the use of this module.

This module posses all the possibilities of strategies of the indexed 5-axis module, as well as more strategies that allow the movement of up to 5 simultaneous events, tracing more flexibility throughout the process.

Tournament Center

Is your machine able to perform turning and milling operations? So you can get the maximum productivity with this SprutCAM module.

The turning center module has turning and milling strategies, as well as extra resources that your machine has. All these resources are associated with a precise and interactive processing simulator, as well as a 100% customized post-processor according to your needs.


Your company has a laser, plasma, oxyfuel, water jet cutting machine, anyway, any process that involves material division processes. As SprutCAM can import from dxf or dwg files to 3D, and you can add customized strategies according to your machine and application. With a dynamic profile control, make your programming even more precise.

Erosão to Fio

O SprutCAM is extremely flexible, this means that you can program all the machines in your factory with a single CAM software. Chega de ter to use several programs!

Its cold electroerosion can also be programmed with all the interface resources and flexibility that SprutCAM makes possible. Program 2D ​​and 3D files. Simulate or cut directly on the machine in a virtual environment. Faça cuts with simultaneous movements, use all the possíveis resources of your eletroeroão a fio com o SprutCAM!

CNC turning

He has what is most modern in relation to tournaments in his hands. Raise the possibilities and reduce to the maximum the times of machining in your turned parts. With a set of highly customizable strategies and the possibility of simulating all the elements including hardware supports and a precise detection of remnant material.

Rotary Manufacturing

If your parts have a cylindrical format such as turbine blades, propellers, shells, virabrequins, cams and valve controls, or any application that would depend on a room, this is the module that best fits your need. O Rotary machining module allows simultaneous movements of up to 4 gears, expanding the possibilities of machining and reducing the number of drums and fixtures.

The rotary milling method, where the tool positions at a certain point and or 4 either executes the machining movements considerably better in terms of precision and quality of finishing of cylindrical pieces.

A realistic simulation with a machine in a virtual environment improves understanding and avoids any setbacks.

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